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The 3 Wars of The Apocalypse are Getting Dangerously Close

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Shawn Akers

“It could be a disaster of epic proportions. It could be the perfect storm.” – Christopher McDonald in a scene from the movie, “The Perfect Storm.”

Unless you have been hiding in a cave or underground for the past few months, or even weeks, you know that the propensity for major wars in many parts of the globe is happening. Iran has already “kickstarted” a multi-front Middle East war against Israel. News reports have it that Iran has already begun enriching uranium close to weapons-grade levels, according to a report released by the United Nations nuclear watchdog.

Charisma News also did a recent piece on the “Unholy Alliances” forming between China, Russian and Iran.

China has continually grown aggressive with Taiwan. In March, the Chinese Communist Party launched 25 warplanes and three warships toward Taiwan in a show of force and intimidation as tensions between the two nations continues to rise.

The Taiwanese government accused 19 of those planes over crossing over into their airspace, and the threat of war is imminent.

Also, the Russian government has announced that it and the U.S. are now in a “hot phase of war” over the U.S.’s supplies of weapons to Ukraine.

Note: Fast-forward to the 1:00 mark of this video.

All of which, end times expert Michael Snyder says, has brought the world to the point “where three major wars could erupt at any moment.”

“Just one would be bad enough,” Snyder says. “But if all three were to happen simultaneously, we could potentially be facing a truly apocalyptic scenario very rapidly.”

On Good Friday, Israel launched attacks against targets in southern Lebanon and Gaza in retaliation for dozens of rockets that had been fired into Israel from Lebanon. And on Resurrection Sunday, Israel directly attacked Syrian military targets after six rockets from Syria were launched at Israel.

So Israel is to be deluged upon from all sides. And, the Israeli government is thoroughly convinced that Iran is responsible for the attacks so far, albeit behind the scenes.

In October 2019, Iranian Major General Hossein Salami called Israel a “sinister regime” that “must be wiped off the map.” The Jerusalem Post has reported that the IDF and Israeli Police have already begun to call up reservists.

The heads of terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas have met and promise further “resistance” against Israel.

If a war between Israel and Iran does erupt, Snyder says, the U.S. will inevitably be involved. Snyder says that this weekend, the U.S. deployed a “guided-missile submarine capable of carrying up to 154 Tomahawk missiles to the region.”

Armageddon? Maybe not with any of these scenarios, but “apocalyptic,” as Snyder reiterates.

China carried out “simulated” precision attacks on Taiwan targets, according to several media reports, in response to Taiwan’s president meeting with the U.S. House speaker over the weekend.

“They are literally practicing for an invasion of Taiwan,” Snyder says. “And the moment China invades Taiwan, the U.S. and China will be at war. But most Americans don’t understand any of this, and that is extremely unfortunate.”

Snyder says the U.S. is “completely and utterly unprepared to fight a war with China, and such a war would be a nightmare for the entire planet.”

But, Snyder says, “our politicians are beating the war drums anyway. … This is really happening. But we don’t actually have enough ammunition for such a war, because we have already sent millions of rounds to Ukraine.”

Snyder says both Russia and the U.S. continue to escalate matters as the Russians have been steadily taking territory in recent days.

“At some point, the Ukrainians are going to become completely desperate, and extremely desperate people can do extremely foolish things. If our leaders aren’t extremely careful, we could easily find ourselves in a shooting war with Russia. And that could potentially happen at the same time that we are in a shooting war with China. And there is a possibility that both of those would could erupt while we are intervening in a major conflict in the Middle East.”

The perfect storm, but as Snyder says, “The time to stop wars is before they begin.”

As believers, we should ask God for protection and peace to reign on our earth since Christ is the Prince of peace. Just as some people are hell-bent on destroying others, we must be determined to pray for them. We must encourage them to receive Christ in their hearts and accept the hope of glory in their future.

But this is going to take a global effort among all believers, and prayer is the only thing that will stop these potential “apocalyptic” disasters. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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