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Pastor Greg Locke’s New Movie Takes the Fight to Satan

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James Lasher

Hoping to re-engage the American church in spiritual warfare, Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, hopes to mobilize God’s faithful against Satan.

To do this, he and members of the Demon Slayers Podcast have created a movie filled with the Word of God to confront and overcome the enemy.

The movie, “Come Out in Jesus Name,” launches Mon. March 13, with more showings and locations to be added by Fathom Events.

“This is really, totally, an organic move of the Holy Spirit,” Pastor Locke told Charisma News in an exclusive interview.

“This is not anything we ever intended. I never had a goal or desire to get into movie theaters. And yet, the Lord began to accentuate such a mighty move of His Spirit at our church. And I thought, ‘Let’s share this with the world!'” he continued.

Sadly, deliverance ministry has left the mainstream Christian world.

Too often, delivering someone of evil spirits was allowed to seem mysterious and frequently included overacting by which to work over people’s emotions. Using drama and theatre gimmicks is not going to remove a demon from someone’s life, only the power of God has authority over those spirits.

But deliverance of unclean spirits was a huge part of what Jesus did in the Gospels, and is a practice that should have never been left behind.

“We’re taking the silliness out of it and showing people this is the ministry of Jesus,” Locke explained. “This is the ancient ministry of the New Testament. It’s a third of what Jesus did. And it’s [the movie] so theologically well done, from beginning to end. It’s packed full of just Scripture, Word of God after Word of God after Word of God.”

With a lack of deliverance ministries being shown to Christians, many do not know what to expect when a person is delivered of a demon. It can make a person uncomfortable at what they are witnessing, but the Bible says there are physical reactions in a person when a demon is coming out of them.

I think people have a hard time with the uncomfortable,” Locke surmised. “Nobody wants the uncomfortable subjects, and there’s really nothing more uncomfortable to talk about than demons.

“We’re not talking about kitty cats, we’re talking about evil spirits…the problem with the American church is we care more about our dignity, than we do our deliverance. So you gotta leave your dignity at the door, quit compromising and patty caking with evil spirits, and you got to be willing to wrestle to the mat the issues that have kept you where you’re at,” he continued.

Pastor Locke highlights an area that has plagued the Christian church for some time now, and that is the feeling of comfort and not being trained up in spiritual warfare.

Jesus Christ has victory over Satan, it is a done deal, but that does not mean the forces of darkness are going to give up without a fight. If anything, they are fighting to the death. Scripture shows clearly that in some cases a person delivered of possession is at heightened risk for a sevenfold recurrence of possession (Matt. 12:45).

So Christians need to start flexing their spiritual muscles again and take hold of the victory that was achieved by the blood of Jesus on the cross.

A spirit may not come out with the first laying on of hands and prayer. This is why the Bible stresses the need for Christians to endure and have perseverance in their faith. Not only that, but to put that faith into action and by the power of Jesus Christ deliver people from the demons tormenting them.

To find out more about the new deliverance movie “Come Out in Jesus Name,” visit their website at comeoutinjesusname.com. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.




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