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Locke Movie ‘Come Out In Jesus Name’ to Ignite Revival

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Shawn Akers

Pastor Greg Locke says satanism indeed is becoming prominent in the secular world, and he believes the new movie “Come Out in Jesus Name,” produced by Locke Media, will spark a revival through deliverance this country has never seen before.

The lead pastor at Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Locke says he and those who participated in making the film “underestimated the hunger and thirst” for deliverance they are now seeing in the body of Christ.

The movie is set to run in as many as 2,000 theaters nationwide on March 13 and 14. You can purchase tickets here.

“This movie is so powerful and so emotional,” Locke said on a recent edition of The Demon Slayer Podcast, adding that he has already viewed the film a few times. “When it ends, you’re like, ‘Isn’t there more?’ Not only are we sharing the gospel, but we’re going to see people repent and believe the gospel in the movie theaters.”

Fathom Events, which helped to promote Jonathan Cahn’s 2022 summer blockbuster film “The Harbingers of Things to Come,” is helping Locke and company to promote “Come Out in the Name of Jesus.”

“Fathom was blown away that so many people are excited about this,” Locke says. “They had someone who runs a Catholic PR firm come to them, and they said the exorcism people in Catholicism are so interested in this movie that they are selling out in Catholic venues. The African American community has taken to it like wildfire.

“The Black church has always believed in deliverance and the supernatural,” he continues. “We are hearing that many churches are selling out theaters all over the country. Fathom says they have never put out a movie that they have put their stamp of approval on that has sold this many tickets a month before the movie comes out. I’m humbled to be a part of this because we are going to reach the nation with this message, the message of deliverance.”

Evangelist and “demon slayer” Isaiah Saldivar says the timing for the movie couldn’t be any more perfect. He says we are in the midst of a deliverance revival in America right now, and the film will stir up a deep-rooted hunger that will give the enemy a “whipping” he will never forget.

Saldivar also says it is his understanding that this is the first time this type of movie has ever been allowed to play in so many secular theaters.

“All year long we talk about what the devil is doing, but now we’re putting out a movie that will show you how to overcome the enemy,” Saldivar said on the “Demon Slayer Podcast. “We’ve been shouting about this, saying we need deliverance in the church. And right now, God is doing something special in America. Deliverance is breaking out.”

In light of how Satan is amping up his efforts to destroy people and keep them from the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, indeed, the timing for “Come Out in Jesus Name” is impeccable, if not miraculous. Recent secular cultural events like the Grammys, in which British singer Sam Smith appeared on center stage glorifying satanic rituals in a skin-tight leather outfit singing a song titled “Unholy,” have brought more attention to the prince of darkness.

The Satanic Temple has attempted to make itself more visible, including opening up an online clinic for abortion services it calls “religious.”

In a recent article, Charisma News columnist Dr. Michael Brown declared that “Satan is Beginning to Show His Hand More Clearly.” And indeed he is.

“I don’t care about what the secular world celebrates [the Grammys], but it is a picture of what the devil is doing,” Saldivar says. “This movie [“Come Out in Jesus Name”] is such perfect timing because it’s a direct confrontation against what’s happening at events like the Grammys. The devil is flexing his arm, but we, on March 13, are flexing back. We are saying the devil is a liar, and we have come to destroy the works of darkness. We are not going to be afraid. We are not going to hide our light.

“If the Grammys can do a satanic ritual on stage, we can bring back deliverance to 2,000 movie theaters all over America.”

Mike Signorelli, lead pastor of V1 Church in New York City, says “Come Out in Jesus Name” is a “powerful evangelism tool.”

“There are people who will not go to a church, but they will go to the movie theater with you. Extend that invitation and watch what God is going to do,” Signorelli says. “V1 Church has already taken over four theater locations from California to New York City. We are primarily inviting lost people to come and view this.

“Matthew 5 says we are to be salt and light, and so this movie is going to provoke hunger and thirst in people and a desire inside of them. It’s going to spark opportunity like never before. I don’t think any one of us can calculate the totality of what God is going to do. Get ready for tens of thousands of testimonies.”

Purchase tickets for the movie at comeoutinjesusname.com. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.




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