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John Ramirez

I have written several books under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, yet I know the devil’s playbook like the back of my hand.

From the age of seven, I was recruited from the second heaven when a demonic necklace fell from the sky that contained the seven demonic powers of the dark side. At the age of eight, I was ushered into a kingdom of darkness to which nothing from TV or Hollywood could compare. Years later, I even held my wedding on Halloween, complete with demonic, satanic rituals.

The Lord Jesus Christ knew my address in the Bronx in 1999. It boggled my mind that He knew both my street and my apartment number, since I lived in a community of 179 buildings. He came to me one night, and we got into a debate. I told him my daddy, the devil, was bigger than He was.

“If you’re going to prove You’re bigger, prove it tonight or leave me alone,” I said. I then fell into a deep sleep.

While sleeping, I died and ended up on a train bound for hell. In hell, the cross of Calvary showed up, and so did the devil. The cross defeated the devil, and I ended up back in my body and back to life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, coming out clean and sanctified on the other side of the cross.

The story God has written through my life is amazing. I know that I’m saved for the reason to which demons testify when I cast them out as I pray over people. They scream at me, “We hate you. We’re still trying to kill you. You traitor. You used to work for us, and you left us.” This supernatural testimony displays the power and majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ, who can save anyone, no matter how far gone they think they are.

Throughout my journey, the Lord has blessed me to write amazing spiritual warfare books. But they are nothing like my latest. In life, we have manuals for televisions, computers, microwaves and even brand-new cars. How easily we put our trust in these things to learn and operate technology! But the greatest manual for humanity, hands down, is the Bible. It teaches us how to live, practice and sanctify life with the Creator of the universe. You cannot get a better manual for humanity itself.

The Lord gave me the download in my spirit for Fire Prayers because it, too, is a spiritual warfare manual, one that the devil hates because it exposes his spiritual playbook and weapons. Those weapons include his demonic strategies for entrapment; his setups; his wiles, schemes, plots, hindrances, delays and spiritual blockages.

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These are the same prayers I often pray over people during altar calls. People have come into the meetings with an infirmity spirit of stage four cancer with less than six months to live; they leave completely set free, healed from premature death. When they go back to the doctor, not even a trace of the infirmity devil called cancer remains.

Others have come to our meetings with a suicide spirit, straight from mental hospitals. These powerful prayers, along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, have set them free during altar calls. Fire prayers are true arsenals from heaven!

I remember encountering a woman in Arizona at a conference who was so demon-possessed she couldn’t speak in her own voice. A bishop went over and started to pray for her, yelling from the top of his lungs, “Come out in Jesus’ name.”

“Shut your mouth; you are weak,” the demon spoke back. “You can’t do anything.”

This bishop, well-meaning as he may have been, was not armed with the strategies of heaven. He was throwing all he had into the air—”Come out in Jesus’ name”—with no spiritual backbone from which to cast out this demon.

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When I went over to pray for the young woman, the demon looked me straight in the eye and said, “I waited 20 years to confront you, you traitor. You used to work for us.”

“You have more patience than most Christians I know,” I told him. The Bible says, “our fight is not against flesh and blood” (Eph. 6:12a), so I went on the attack. I know the fire prayers to weaken the demon, to shut him up and shut him down. I knew how to deal with the root of the attack. Before long, this wonderful woman was set completely free.

I met another woman in Bakersfield, California. She walked into our meeting, struck down in her lungs with COVID, walking with a portable oxygen tank and tubes leading to her nose. As I prayed for her, I understood the spiritual state she was in, and I bound the strong man of the spirit of infirmity that was destroying her lungs. I released fire prayers upon those devils. I have pictures to prove that she stomped all over the oxygen tank and walked out of there without it, completely set free.

This is the spiritual DNA of fire prayers: destroying satanic kingdoms and setting the captives free in Jesus’ mighty name. I wrote the manual because, although I can physically go to many places where the Holy Spirit leads me, this book can go around the world to equip the saints. With the equipping it offers, any given day will be a bad day for the devil.

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Evangelist John Ramirez used to fight on the enemy’s side, so he understands from an insider’s point of view how the enemy works. He now fights for Jesus Christ and uses the experience and knowledge he must teach believers how to fight and gain victory. He is an internationally known evangelist, author and highly sought‐after speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony of being miraculously saved as a high‐ranking satanic priest on It’s Supernatural! and The 700 Club, and appeared on TBN and Daystar. His book Fire Prayers (Charisma House), released in March.

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