Lee Strobel Shares Evel Knievel’s Remarkable Transformation Testimony

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James Lasher

In the realm of extraordinary encounters with God, one remarkable tale stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing Jesus as Savior and Lord. This story, a true testament to the potential for renewal found within the pages of Scripture, unfolds by the narrative prowess of Lee Strobel.

Recalling the abundance of such encounters, Strobel underscores the profound impact of experiences that align with the heavenly realm. The Word of God is filled with visions and revelations, a stark reminder that such occurrences remain an exceptional occurrence.

Along his journey hearing amazing testimonies of God’s saving grace, one particular story that resonated with Strobel is the testimony of Evel Knievel, the American stuntman that took the world by storm with his death-defying stunts.

Born Robert Craig Knievel and renowned as an intrepid motorcycle daredevil, “Evel” etched his name in history for his astonishing feats and countless broken bones. However, his life was marred by vices that cast a shadow over his legacy—alcoholism, womanizing and gambling among them. His reputation was marred further by violent episodes, including a prison sentence stemming from an altercation with a business associate.

Yet, the trajectory of Knievel’s life took an unforeseen turn. On a sunny day by a Florida beach, a divine whisper pierced through the commotion of his life. He heard the voice of God resonate within, not spoken in words but felt in the depth of his spirit. This internal encounter reshaped his perspective, as he found himself receiving a divine message: “Robert, I’ve saved you more times than you’ll ever know. Now you need to come to Me through My Son, Jesus.”

Struggling to comprehend this supernatural revelation, Knievel sought counsel from the one person he knew to be a Christian—Frank Gifford, the renowned sportscaster. Guided by Gifford’s advice, Knievel delved into “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. The pages of Strobel’s book served as a beacon, illuminating the path of transformation. It was within these written words that Knievel’s journey towards spiritual rebirth commenced.

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The metamorphosis that followed was nothing short of astounding. Knievel underwent a radical transformation, a 180-degree shift that rewrote the very fabric of his character. His reckless past gave way to a newfound devotion to Christ, an unwavering commitment that would define the rest of his days.

Baptized and reborn, Knievel stood before a congregation to share his testimony. In that sacred moment, his eyes locked onto the faces before him, and he posed a profound question: “Do you know Jesus? Have you met Jesus? Has He changed your life like He’s changed mine?” This simple yet potent inquiry sparked an astonishing response. Over 700 souls responded, stepping out of their seats to embrace Christ and be baptized—an embodiment of the transformative power of faith.

Knievel’s baptismal moment mirrored the awe-inspiring scenes of the past, reminiscent of the Day of Pentecost. His life became a living testament to the profound impact of encountering God’s grace. Strobel, once an observer, evolved into a confidant as the years unfolded. When Knievel’s earthly journey reached its conclusion, his tombstone bore an unequivocal message: “Believe in Jesus.”

In retrospect, Knievel found solace in his newfound faith, yet lamented the time lost before his encounter with Christ. He expressed to Strobel his wish that his journey had begun earlier, a sentiment echoed by many who discover the transformative nature of divine salvation later in life. Strobel, in response, reassured Knievel that even his past could serve as a beacon, guiding others toward the same transformation he had experienced.

The story of Evel Knievel stands as a testament to the ineffable nature of Holy Spirit encounters. Beyond human comprehension, it reveals the supernatural orchestration at play when God’s voice pierces through the cacophony of life. Through Knievel’s metamorphosis, a tapestry of redemption and renewal was woven, impacting countless lives and inviting them to embrace the transformative embrace of Christ.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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