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Demonic Ritual Sends Dozens of Young Women to Hospital

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James Lasher

Satan is trying to take control of young people’s lives, and preys on the world’s lack of knowledge regarding warfare in the spiritual realm.

By convincing people that demonic activities and rituals are harmless and no big deal, they in turn open themselves up to spiritual attacks that can have physical manifestations.

This is what many parents are fearing when 28 young women were hospitalized after collapsing while playing with Ouija boards at a school in Colombia.

The director of the school and several teachers took the young women to a local hospital for medical care and evaluation.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Educational Institution in Pasto, southern Colombia, said: ‘There were 28 possible cases of anxiety in school students.’

“‘Given the reported cases, a series of comments were unleashed on the community that, rather than helping to resolve the situation, led to confusion and an adverse environment for our work.’

“‘For this reason, INEGA is allowed to report that the students were referred to the local municipal hospital according to protocols in place.’

“‘Directors and teachers accompanied the students during the evaluation process.’

‘The respective parents and/or guardians were informed of the situation at the time.'”

One concerned mother who works at the hospital called on parents to be more proactive about the activities their children are involved in.

“Parents, you have to move, investigate what’s happening at school, because our children cannot continue in this situation.

“Our children always have a good breakfast, and it cannot be said that what’s happening is due to lack of food.”

This is not some isolated incident, either, that can just be brushed off as a mass coincidence.

In Nov. 2022, 11 teenagers were found at another school in Columbia having passed out while playing with a Ouija board as well.

In an exclusive Charisma magazine article, Evangelist John Ramirez shined light on the practices of the devil and his minions after growing up in spiritual darkness for years.

“I learned in my time as a devil-worshipper that demons, principalities, territorial spirits and familiar spirits love culture. They love humanity, but they also are fixated on controlling regions, territories and atmospheres. Some atmospheres and regions have poverty, some areas experience deep addiction and substance abuse, some have prostitution, and some areas are known for suicide. Even the more prosperous areas of the world are controlled by money, power and greed. Demons live there, too.”

So, when the door is opened for demonic spirits to attach themselves to human victims, they take it.

This is why it is so dangerous for these young women and others like them all over the world to engage in rituals like Ouija even in jest. It opens the door to demonic attack and without the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, there is nothing they can do to fight against it.

It is through the spreading of the gospel and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that one can become equipped with the full armor of God to combat the enemy and his forces that wreak havoc on earth, just as they’ve done in the lives of these young women.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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