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But God: Injured Infant Miraculously Healed After Faith-Filled Prayer

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Shawn Akers

With her infant child laying severely injured in a Corpus Christi hospital room, single mother Britany Rene Garza knew all she could count on was prayer and God’s healing power.

Her 3-month-old, Saveah, was injured in an accident when someone knocked over her stroller. After being taken to the emergency room at a nearby hospital, Saveah went into a seizure and was transferred to Driscoll Children’s Hospital, where an initial scan revealed bleeding and severe bruising on the baby’s brain.

She also suffered a broken clavicle and two broken ribs in the fall. Saveah’s injuries left Britany Rene in a state of panic, but she knew immediately what she must do: pray, and get others to pray for her baby’s life.

“I was definitely in shock and had severe goosebumps everywhere because it was crazy unbelievable,” Britany Rene said. “I was upset and cried a lot.

The mother texted a friend, Adrienne, at New Life Church, and it so happened Adrienne was there with her daughters for Sunday night youth group. Adrienne informed the youth pastor, Mario Carrete, of what happened, and asked if Carrete could come to the hospital to pray for the injured child.

“When we got there and we finally met up with the mother, she was very emotional and that’s completely understandable,” Carrete says. “It was only me, the mother and the friend, and the friend’s daughter. I remember Pastor Mike (Fehlauer) telling me that when I did these hospital visits, it was my responsibility to be the spiritual stability, and I took that very seriously.

“I told them that we were going to pray, and what we were going to pray about. I said that we were going to pray by the blood and stripes of Jesus that she will be healed and that she would be discharged the next day.

“I’ve seen God heal people instantly, and we prayed in faith that she would be. As it turns out,  that’s exactly what happened, praise God.”

When Carrete received a phone call the next morning from the mother’s friend, the miraculous had taken place.

“The friend told me, ‘the doctors don’t know what happened, but they did a scan on the baby this morning and they couldn’t find any bleeding or swelling in her brain,'” Carrete said. “It’s as if it never happened. They ended up discharging her before lunch.

“But the doctors were still thinking, even if her head was healed, she still has a fractured collar bone and ribs, so they wanted to follow up with her in three days. They wanted to do a scan of her brain again and put a cast on her clavicle and treat her ribs.

“But once again, after another scan, they couldn’t find anything. They rescanned her clavicle and ribs, and nothing. They couldn’t find any sign of a break. Again, it was as if nothing ever happened.”

The miracles didn’t cease for the mother and child. Prior to the accident, Carrete said, Saveah had developed a metabolism problem and could not gain weight. By the time she came back for her final scan three days after the accident, she had gained four pounds.

From that day forward, Saveah has been a perfectly healthy baby.

“I had never seen anything like it,” Britany Rene said. “When I learned of the severity of her injuries, I was broken. I was almost angry because I was like, ‘why my daughter?’ I knew that people were praying, though. And when we prayed at the hospital, it was a very quiet moment of peace I felt.

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“I believe in Jesus and love the Lord. I’m in shock, but I believe it because it’s God. When I found out she was ok, that was what led us back to the church.”

“Tell me that God doesn’t still do miracles,” Carrete said. “There’s no rhyme or reason for what happened other than it was God. I’m so happy for Britany Rene and so thrilled that Saveah is healed from that terrible accident. It’s amazing!” {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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Saveah Garza (Photos courtesy of Britany Rene Garza)

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