Benny Hinn’s Dream: ‘The Coming of the Lord is Upon Us’

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Shawn Akers

Spiritual dreams, Benny Hinn says, don’t happen very often in life. But when they do, he warns believers to pay very close attention to them.

In a video released Aug. 16 on YouTube, the renowned evangelist, teacher and author says he recently had “an amazing prophetic dream” in which he had a profound encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, and the dream has convinced him that we are “very, very close” to the coming of the Lord.

According to Hinn, the last time he had a prophetic dream was in the 1970s, when he saw himself swimming in a turbulent ocean, and the Lord lifted him out of the waters and put him into a boat. He says he had just gotten saved when he had that dream.

In this recent dream, Hinn says: “I saw myself being lifted from the earth. I was wearing a white robe and I went into space, literally raptured. I came to a curtain as I was in space. It opened up and I walked in. I went through a narrow way, a white narrow way, and it was like a winding way and it was quite long. As I came out of this narrow way, I saw this beautiful area in heaven. I looked and I saw the Lord. That was probably the greatest moment of my life.

“When I walked up to Him, He hugged me. Oh, I can still feel that. .. As I came, he was talking to some people in heaven who were all wearing white robes. I came over and He did not say anything to me except He just gave me a hug.”

During the dream, Hinn says he saw his wife, Suzanne, looking much younger than she does today, “dancing joyfully up the mountain.” He also saw Mrs. John Hagee on the mountain dancing. He then saw Pastor John Hagee, whom he has known for years, looking much younger than he does now, and that Hagee was writing something “very scholarly.’

That’s when Hinn woke up. Upon reflection of the dream, Hinn says he believes that he “deeply senses” that the world is on the verge of the “greatest happening in human history.”

“The coming of the Lord is upon us,” Hinn says. “I know we’ve all heard that, but I think the Lord is speaking to us and through many of us to prepare us.”

One of the greatest indications of the imminent coming of the Lord, Hinn says, is that “we are seeing an alignment of Russia, Iran, Libya and Ethiopia. … We see the alignment coming together where the nation of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria siding with Iran, just like the Bible says. So, these are very exciting days for all of us as we see prophecy coming so beautifully together.”

Hinn says the political map is changing “daily” in the Middle East, and that countries such as Egypt and Lebanon could soon align with Israel. He says God’s people need to pay close attention to what is happening in that part of the world that are lining up with biblical prophecy.

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The fall of Afghanistan to terrorists—the Taliban—was a trigger point, Hinn says.

“The happening in Afghanistan is going to change again the map of the Arab world because radical Islam is going to rise in that part of the world, bringing the Saudis closer to Israel; bringing not only the Persian Gulf nations that are already aligned with Israel but bringing the Egyptians, besides the Moroccans,” Hinn says. “Other Arab Nations could very well come into the fold of what’s happening with Israel.”

As far as the rapture is concerned, no one really knows the timetable for that spectacular event. But, Hinn says, “the Ezekiel 38 war must happen” before the rapture occurs.

Hinn does say, however, that the signs are there that it will come soon.

“What are we seeing today? Number one, while all this is happening, we’re seeing the decline of the United States as a superpower,” he says. “Nations are questioning what’s going to happen to America. … We are seeing many, many things coming together very rapidly. We are seeing weather changes; we’re seeing the decline of America as a superpower; we’re seeing the remapping of the Middle East; we’re seeing the rising of nations aligning with Israel and the rising of nations aligning with Iran.

“Things are moving very, very rapidly. How long will it be? I’d say it will be five years maybe before we see Ezekiel’s war, but Ezekiel’s war can happen way quicker than that.”

Middle Eastern nation radicals would like to remove Israel completely out of the picture, Hinn says, so the Ezekiel 38 war is inevitable. But the radicals, of course, will lose that war, according to the Bible, and “Israel will gain new prominence in the world without the help of the United States.”

When Israel wins the Ezekiel 38 war, Hinn says, it will “give Israel the opportunity to build” the prophesied Third Temple. “Once they win the war, who’s going to stop them?” Hinn asks.

So, what does all of this, including his dream, mean for the future? Hinn reiterated that the coming of the Lord is “very near.”

“I think every believer needs to get ready right now,” he says. “We need to be on our knees more than ever. We need to be in the church more than ever and we need to support ministries more than ever because our time is almost over.”

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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