Unleashing the ‘Wild Ones’: Digital Jehu’s Shake Up Christian Media

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James Lasher

As 2023 continues on, apostle Alexander Pagani envisions a significant shift in the Christian ministry landscape, with God raising up the “Jehu’s” – bold and unashamed followers of Jesus sanctioned to confront oppressive systems. In an interview with Charisma News, Pagani emphasizes the importance of digital media as a platform for these reformers to voice their message to the current generation.

Revolutionaries vs. Reformers:

Pagani draws a clear distinction between revolutionaries and reformers within the church. Revolutionaries seek to tear down existing structures completely, while reformers focus on upgrading and improving systems to bring about freedom. The Jehu’s embody the reformer spirit, avoiding insurrections against ecclesiastical church authority and instead collaborating with existing systems to usher in breakthroughs.

Key Characteristics of the Jehu’s:

  1. Militant No-Nonsense Attitude: The Jehu’s possess an unyielding determination, fearlessly advocating for change and liberation.
  2. Fearlessness and Anointing: While their personalities may not be refined, they are anointed by God to speak truth and bring reform.

Drawing inspiration from the biblical figure Elijah, who confronted false prophets yet cowered in the face of Jezebel’s threats, Pagani highlights the Jehu’s unwavering spirit. Like Jehu, they are undeterred by intimidation and push forward to fulfill their God-given calling.

Digital Media: The New Frontier of Ministry

As prophesied by Christian leaders, the year 2023 sees a tremendous shaking in the media industry, with legacy media companies witnessing a decline while citizen journalism and alternative platforms flourish. Apostle Alexander Pagani’s prediction of “digital Jehu’s” gaining prominence holds true in this digital era.

Personalities like Tucker Carlson exemplify this shift by moving from traditional media outlets to digital platforms like Twitter, considered the last true public square of free speech. Pagani’s conviction about the rise of the Jehu’s aligns with this trend, empowering reformers to address systems of oppression and falsehood on digital platforms without the constraints of censorship by Big Tech and government.

Acceleration and Proclamation:

As Pastor Greg Locke points out, the Lord is accelerating moments of change and calling the church to action against the enemy’s assault. In this age of digital media and social platforms, the battle for truth, spirituality, and salvation in Jesus Christ has intensified. Christians are urged to proactively engage in this plan, standing firm for the name of Jesus and actively participating in the transformation of the modern-day media landscape.

The shakings in the media and social media spheres are only the beginning of what God has planned. With the rise of the Jehu’s, Christians are encouraged to embrace digital media as a powerful tool for ministry, unafraid to confront oppressive systems and bring about reform that echoes the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As Pagani puts it, the Jehu’s represent a new breed of believers who will fearlessly challenge the status quo and lead the Church into a bolder, more impactful era of digital ministry, proclaiming the truth of the Lord both in the physical and digital realms. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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