Top of the Week: Fruition of David Wilkerson Prophecy Is Shaking the Church

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Here’s a quick summary of the top stories on charismamag.com:

Fruition of David Wilkerson Prophecy Is Shaking the Church

Mario Murillo says David Wilkerson saw it coming. The scope and sensationalism that has engulfed our churches for years—something that has left the church empty and dry—will no longer be tolerated by God. True children of God want more, and a separation, Murillo says, is coming our way very soon for a “massive number of Christians” who will experience this strange miracle.

“The Holy Spirit is separating them. He has selected them for special grace and power to do mighty acts at the edge of history,” Murillo says. “They will be uniquely equipped to face the sophisticated evil of our time. But it all begins by making peace with the Holy Spirit and restoring His rightful place in our hearts and in the church.

“Take a close look at the book of Acts and you will see the disarming down-to-earth way they related to the Holy Spirit. While they revered Him deeply, they had a sense of his nearness and His involvement in their day-to-day operation. They behaved as if He was close by and they could almost see Him. Most of all, they anticipated His instructions.”

40 Gang Members Crash Revival with Mario Murillo

A palpable presence of God covered Mario Murillo’s, Bakersfield tent revival as gang members poured in from the streets riddled with fentanyl overdoses. As soon as their feet hit the tent grounds they knew they were walking through in desperate need of one thing, Jesus.

In a Charisma News interview, Murillo describes an unprecedented unity among the local churches as the national yearning for God continues to grow in the country.

Bakersfield is located right off the Kern River, just north of Los Angeles, California. “There is no doubt the laws of science are being overruled,” Murillo says. Life-long physical body injuries are being healed along with emotional trauma.

Amanda Grace End Times Prophecy Coming to Pass?

Two years ago God spoke to Amanda Grace about an alliance that would be forming against Israel. She saw an Ayatollah and a Dragon merging in agreement with “the purse prize being the destruction of Israel.”

In the last week Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi discussed implementing the China-Iran Strategic Partnership Plan (CISPP). Included in that plan would be Beijing investing $400 billion into Iran’s economy over the next 25 years.

“So recently in the news it was a big story. I see the image, there is the leader of China and there is the leader of Iran with all of their flags behind them shaking hands in this very big meeting they had,” Grace says in our Charisma magazine interview.

Perry Stone: America and the Dragon with 7 Heads

The book of Revelation describes a fiery red dragon with seven heads and 10 horns whose tail sweeps a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to earth. The pictures describes Satan who was hurled from heaven to earth with some of the angels who had been fighting with him.

Evangelist Perry Stone sat down with Charisma magazine to talk about the seven headed dragon, which he says is actually translated into a seven headed serpent, and it’s influence on American culture as we know today.

Throughout the Bible the serpent represents Satan all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout biblical times, Satan had six major empires and every one of those empires affected either the Jewish people, the temple, Israel or a combination of all of them.

Ever Wondered What Prominent Leaders Are Pre-Trib and Post-Trib?

There are three main schools of eschatological thought when it comes to the Millennial Reign of Christ mentioned in Revelation 20. Leaders across the body of Christ are divided on the timing of the Millennial Reign and the rapture, or if there even is a literal rapture.

Charisma magazine sat down with author and itinerant minister Joel Richardson to break down the three main thoughts and where he stands from a biblical perspective.

As you survey the landscape of the Christian End Times perspectives, Richardson says the Church is divided by the Reformed movement and the Dispensationalists.

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