Mike Signorelli’s Prophetic Warning: The Separation of Vultures and Eagles

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Shawn Akers

The lead pastor and founder of V1 Church in New York City, Mike Signorelli was recently given a pair of prophetic visions from God, the first of which he says is very important for Christians to keep in the forefront of their minds in the coming season.

He also said this powerful prophetic vision has been confirmed by two other prophets within the body of Christ, including Alex Pagani.

In this vision, Signorelli says he saw a separation between eagles and vultures in the kingdom.

He explains:

“What that means is that obviously, eagles, they fly high,” Signorelli told Charisma News’ John Matarazzo in an exclusive interview. “God is calling people to higher dimensions of authority, higher dimensions of influence. Also, we know that eagles, they feast on living things. And so, you’ll see them dive down into the waters and grab a fresh fish.

“But then, I saw the contrast between eagles and vultures. And vultures, what they do is they feast on dead things, which I think is symbolic of dead church systems, dead ideologies, dead mindsets, dead wineskins. They’re feasting on old ways of doing things that are not from God. Maybe they were for a season, or maybe they never were theologically or doctrinally sound, and yet people have refused to unlearn [them]. And so, they’re feasting on dead things. And, and there’s a distinction being made between eagles and vultures in this season.”

The biggest thing to consider here, Signorelli says, is that it is very difficult to discern the difference in kingdom leaders and the leaders of your local church. The enemy can be very deceptive and the two—eagles and vultures—may appear to be the same in their teaching.

Signorelli encourages believers to remain in prayer as to which they are actually seeing and listening to.

“If you’re looking at the two, the original vision from behind shows you that a vulture and eagle may look like the same thing until it turns its head,” Signorelli says. “And there are some of you that, because the leaders are up ahead of you, you haven’t seen them and the fullness of who they really are in the Spirit. You see them flying. You see that they have feathers and there are different attributes that would liken them to an eagle. But they’re in fact not an eagle. They’re a vulture.”

The process of discernment—determining false prophets and real prophets—isn’t all that difficult, Signorelli says, and the solution isn’t a new one. It’s one that has been recommended for nearly two centuries.

“So, I just want to caution you, I think that there’s a need more than ever for Christians to read their own Bible because what will happen is as you begin to become a student of the Word, and as you begin to develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you won’t have to watch heresy-hunter channels on YouTube to determine who’s false and who’s real. You won’t have to read blogs to determine who is false and who is real. You will actually be having a real relationship with the Holy Spirit and a real relationship with Scripture, which will help you deduce what is real and what is not.”

Stay tuned to Charisma News for Signorelli’s explanation of the second prophetic vision God gave him recently.

For the entire interview between Matarazzo and Signorelli, click here.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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