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Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Warnings for Christians Worldwide

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James Lasher

As the United States continues to reel from the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, the question remains whether there was a catalyst that helped put these nefarious plans of a mentally ill young woman into action?

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shares the reasons he believes are causing not only the Covenant School shooting, but increased persecution of Christians around the world.

As the mainstream American media appeared to blame Christians—the victims—for this heinous act of terrorism, without even mentioning that the shooter was transgender, Cahn reveals the subtle ways that the transgender movement has been radicalized to not only hate Christians, but commit acts of violence against them.

“Months before this [shooting] happened, a video game came out that was created by a transgender video game developer encouraging virtual violence and killing against those who were not in favor of surgical altering,” says Cahn.

The creator of the video game, Terfenstein 3D, Sandra Moen, claimed that creating the game where you violently shoot critics of transgenderism, anti-trans feminists and Catholic priests helped to heal the trauma of being a trans person.

To recap: the killing of those who disagree with Moen supposedly led to healing.

That is the influence of a demonic spirit that spreads destruction in its wake.

Cahn has sounded the trumpet on the evil spirits that are at work in societies across the world in his newest New York Times best-seller “The Return of the Gods.”

People are finally starting to wake up and take notice of the unnatural events taking place in culture today.

“When they [evil spirits] possess a person, they seek to remove the individual from his or her nature and purpose. Whether that means their humanity, their gender, their sexuality, their personhood, that’s how they begin destroying him or her,” warns Cahn.

“The possessed person becomes a danger to others and to himself or herself, harming others [and] harming themselves,” he adds.

For a person, culture or country to be delivered and free from this demonic spiritual oppression, it first must cast out the spirits possessing it and bring God into their midst. America did this upon its founding. The Judeo-Christian principles that helped birth a nation that would fight to right its wrongs, glorify God in its existence and spread the gospel far and wide has since turned its back on God in favor of the pagan entities of old.

“America has cast out God. Now we are witnessing the taking over of our culture by these spirits. That’s why what we’re watching is so irrational. That’s why it’s so demonic,” says Cahn.

No politician, world leader, billionaire or celebrity is going to be able to pull society out of this trajectory.

Cahn shares a warning to all believers about the necessity of being spiritually grounded in the Word of God, because persecution against Christians is going to get worse due to the growing influence of Satan and his minions in society.

“The changes that are taking place in our nation and Western Civilization and the world are not natural, they’re not rational. They’re part of a mystery in the realm of the spirit and they’re not just possessing troubled individuals, they’re possessing celebrities, pop stars, organizations, institutions, media, school systems, government leaders, cultures, our culture, and for you who are a follower of God, you who are a Christian, a true believer, be warned they are after you,” implores Cahn.

“There’s only one power and force that’s able to overcome these things: it’s the power of God, the presence of Yeshua, Jesus, the Redeemer. That’s why you need Him in your life. We war not against flesh and blood it [the Bible] says, but against power, principalities, rulers, spiritual forces in high places. God is greater, make sure you’re right with Him. Make sure He’s in your life. Make sure you received Him for real. Make sure you’re born again, you’re saved.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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