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Council of Elders Prophesies: A Remnant Within the Church is Rising With Great Power

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Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders

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As we enter into the year 2023, it is important to see the full spectrum of what the Holy Spirit is doing, both locally and internationally. This year’s theme, Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil, may seem to be contradictory! How can we have both bountiful blessings and turmoil?

The explanation is that we will see blessings in the midst of turmoil.

As the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, we have set our hearts to issue prophetic words, warnings and admonitions, as well as calls for prayer. Prophetic intercession is an important part of our meetings as we both hear from the Lord and intercede.

Here are more of the prophetic words that we have released for this year:

The Prophetic Movement

It was prophesied by Bishop Bill Hamon in the 1980s that God would raise up 10,000 prophets in the US and 100,000 around the world. We have certainly seen an escalation of this in recent days. There were very few recognized prophets even in the ’90s, but now there is an abundance.

A cautionary word is important here, as we saw revivalists who were prophets veer off into deception in former days. God is requiring prophets to be aligned with local churches and other mature leaders in order to avoid this deception from getting into the prophetic movements.

Satan will bring a false prophetic movement that will “smear” the real prophets and try to take away from their integrity. We were given a warning to guard our hearts and not be on the attack, but to walk in love. Great discernment is needed to know who is a false prophet and who is simply prophesying in a manner that occasionally misses the mark.

Many prophets have been in seasons of distress. We are in a Jeremiah season where it will not be easy to be a prophet; but it will be glorious!

The Ekklesia

The understanding of the ekklesia is going to cause the local churches to shake off old wineskins and move into seeing the establishment of apostolic centers. Great spiritual authority will come into manifestation, and these centers will become discipleship centers to heal the nations. Revival and Reformation will be the theme of the day. The body of Christ will move from the sidelines to the frontlines.

Ekklesia leaders from many countries will form multinational alliances and respect and esteem each other’s strengths. One prophet likened the weaknesses in nations as “soft spots” that we need to work together to cover. The ekklesia leaders in nations will celebrate one another and not be in competition.

The prophets, in particular, need to celebrate and cover one another as we manifest our different callings. For instance, we need to rejoice at what is happening with the prophetic evangelists and their role in revival and the harvest.

Some churches will be divided in the coming days. Churches will persecute other churches and the polarity will increase. Some churches have even made science what they bow down to rather than hearing what God is saying. There is a religious spirit that will raise its head and try to tear down the new moves of God. The next generation must be protected by the ekklesia leaders and not let them become jaded by infighting in the church itself. Beware of a marriage between the religious and political spirit.

God will give solutions to weighty problems through the ekklesia. In order for this to happen, leaders must have these Three Cs: Character, Competence and Capacity. God spoke to us that great ethics and character cannot necessarily solve the problems of the earth. We need the power of God to solve the earth’s problems. God’s power through understanding these Three Cs will equip us to be reformation leaders.

Humility was deeply stressed for the coming days. The word that came to us was, “Bend low, for the sword of the Lord is coming.” Part of this humility must be to give the glory to God, and not look for credit for what we have prophesied. Do we require credit?

God warned us that there is a divine urgency in the coming days to be holy and prepared for what is to come. Not to be afraid, but to walk in holiness.

Part of the move of God among the ekklesia will be the importance of honoring Israel and an understanding of God’s timetable through the feasts.

The ekklesia will see the raising up of “Architectural Forerunners” who have a building gift and see the vision and help make it happen, while honoring those who have come before them.

Prayer Movements

We received another important admonition for the prayer movements of the earth to not grow weary and lose hope as if their prayers were not being heard. God is moving whole civilizations around and it is a process. Keep praying during God’s process, for though the answers seem to tarry, they will not be late! God’s timetable seems to be “wait” and “suddenly.” Your prayers are availing much.

The next generation is going to catch the fire of intercessory prayer. All night prayer meetings on college campuses will become normal. These “boiler room” prayer meetings are birthing rooms for campus revivals. Universities across the world will see great moves of God likened to the Jesus People movement in the United States.

New England, in the United States, is going to feel the rumbling of God’s power as the wells of revival are opened! Look to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as others to experience God’s power and presence. God is preparing His “firebrands” who will be instruments of stewarding these moves of God; just like Whitfield and Wesley.


Nations must be discipled and taught of the Lord. The 7 Mountain teaching is one structure that will help the ekklesia do just that. This movement is no longer in the “early adopter” phase, but now in the mid-adopter phase where many people in nations are understanding their role as believers in seeing that their nations are righteous.

New power sources will be released into Europe and the nations of the earth with technologies that will cause many to marvel.

Global Josephs and Daniels

In looking at the world’s powers, we see that the war over nations is also an economic one. For instance, Taiwan is the world’s largest chip manufacturer. Although the sand from Egypt is imported to build the chips, the nation that has the chip production is largely Taiwan. Therefore, it is a critical part of China’s desire to rule the world economically. It was noted that Arizona is becoming an important part of Taiwan’s production of the chip industry. Chips are used in computers, smart-phones and other technology.

As mentioned earlier about the Josephs, God is anointing Daniels as well, who will work internationally with the cluster anointing to release funds into the kingdom. Nations, such as Kenya in Africa, will be the recipient of the bounty being released through international entrepreneurs. Look to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, and other African nations to begin to move into transformation economically because of the leaders of these nations.

The Josephs and Daniels will be in the lead in East Africa as a great revival will break out in the region again.

The United States

There is already an awakening happening in the United States. Many fires are burning bright, including what is being called “face down glory,” in which people are falling on their faces and weeping before a holy God. Tears water the seeds of harvest. God spoke to us many times from prophets of various nations about powerful moves where the glory of God would be manifested.

The pressure on the church will increase. Further persecution is coming, but there is a remnant arising with great power. There will be pockets of light even in the political sector and they will be given great power even in the midst of a wicked generation.

The US is going through a reset meant to shake even its very roots, but God has His righteous remnant through the ekklesia who are going to be able to release godly legislation at the state levels. It is now obvious, even as we have been prophesying for many years, that there will be sheep and goat states; or those who will be holy and following God, and those who will be more and more wicked. The economies of the righteous states will grow and grow, but some goat states will be practically bankrupt. However, God has a remnant even in those states and revivals will break out which, over time, have the ability to turn these states toward righteousness.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade gave some breathing room to the nation that stayed God’s hand of judgment. However, it also exposed what was in the hearts of many state governments. {eoa}

Note: This is the third of a three-part series. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

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Since 1999, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has gathered some of the most respected prophetic voices from around the nation (United States) to pray and seek the Lord for a word for the next year. It is their conviction to function as an Acts 13:1-3 group; and it is the consensus of the ACPE members that the Holy Spirit is speaking the following prophetic words to them. The council is comprised of such prophetic voices as Cindy Jacobs, James Goll, Chuck Pierce and many anointed others.

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