Jonathan Cahn: Will Innocent Blood Be Shed in America?

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Shawn Akers

Multitudes around the world have been waiting for prophet Jonathan Cahn’s thoughts on the recent atrocities in Israel. He let loose with a furious message of current events, historical significance and a portrait of the suffering of the Jewish people since the beginning of time in a recent sermon to his Beth Israel congregation in Wayne, Jersey.

Many around the world have celebrated Hamas’ dastardly deeds since Oct. 7 against Israel and the Jewish people, most with a glib and enthusiastic show of support for the brutal terrorist organization.

One thing that disturbs Cahn, however, is that many in the United States have followed suit and rejoiced over the murderous and senseless destruction of Jewish families, women and babies. Because of that sick attitude, Cahn believes the same situation the Israelis have experienced over the past week could invade the shores of America with a much more intense execution.

You thought 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were bad? This could take on exponential proportions in the U.S.

“It wasn’t just the people of Gaza that celebrated. Students at our Ivy League colleges in the West such as Harvard also celebrated [the attacks on Israel],” Cahn says in a recent video. “Chapters of BLM—Black Lives Matter—cheered on the killing and the bloodshed, the decapitation of children. One chapter actually had a picture in which they glorified a terrorist paragliding into Israel to murder innocent men, women and children with machine guns. But they said they were for the destruction of Israel from the beginning. That same organization also said it was for the destruction of the family.”

It’s not surprise, too, Hollywood celebrities joined in on the nauseating and shocking support for Hamas. Many in Hollywood threw their enthusiastic weight behind BLM.

“They could not even throw a crumb of support to the fathers and mothers and children who were slaughtered in their homes,” Cahn says. “Jew hatred, like evil, is a sickness that transcends politics, the Left or the Right. There were extreme right-wing groups as well that also blamed Israel, but overwhelmingly it came from the Left. The fact is that antisemitism has now become a contagion, a sickness increasingly afflicting the mainstream Left and justice.

“While Mainstream left-wing news channels featured commentators who blamed the Israelis for the massacre of Israelis, most of academia grew strangely silent,” he adds. “Harvard University overwhelmingly saw support for the murder of the innocent. Most of corporate America grew strangely silent.”

And that, Cahn says, disturbs him greatly about the future of America. The popular attitude of intolerance toward injustice seemed to just magically disappear.

“Most of the woke of the wokedom who would fly into a rage of condemnation of the slightest trace of what they would call microaggression, they fell strangely asleep from their state of wokeness,” he says. “They couldn’t think of a single word to condemn the murder of children.

“Those of you who have put your faith in the Left, let this be a revelation to you and a wake-up call or a ‘woke-up’ call.”

Cahn says the elite universities in America, who are supposedly producing the future leaders of America, have made it apparent how frightening the country’s future will be with those woke individuals at the helm.

“Fear what America or the West will become,” he says. “If these can shed the blood of the innocent in Israel, then they can shed the blood of the innocent in America or the West.”

In particular, Cahn pointed toward Rep. Rashia Tlaib, the only Palestinian American member of Congress, who this week repeatedly dodged a Fox Business Network reporter’s questions about Hamas terrorists “chopping off babies’ heads” Tuesday night.

The reporter asked, “Congresswoman, Hamas terrorists have cut off babies’ heads and burned children alive. Do you support Israel’s rights to defend themselves against this brutality?” Tlaib shrugged off her query about reports by Israeli military that at least 400 babies and young children were slaughtered in their beds—some beheaded.

“You can’t comment about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads?” the reporter demanded. “Congresswoman, do you have a comment on Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? You have nothing to say about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads?”

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Stepping inside an elevator to avoid the questions, the reporter once again asked of the left-wing lawmaker, “Congresswoman, why do have a Palestinian flag outside your office if you do not condone what terrorists have done to Israel? Do Israeli lives not matter to you?”

Not surprisingly, Tlaib stayed silent. And that comes from a U.S. Congresswoman. On X, formerly Twitter, she recently responded, “I’m proud to be a Palestinian American and I want the Palestinian people to know that not all Americans support apartheid. No one can erase our existence.”

Except it’s the other way around. Palestinians want to erase the existence of Jews, whom they claim occupy their land.

“And you wondered how the Nazis perpetrated their atrocities and no one said anything or did anything?” Cahn asks. “You don’t have to wonder anymore. The Bible says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.’ The nations of the world had a part in helping this happen. They gave billions of dollars to Hamas—even America.

“Trump stopped it, but the next administration resumed it. Instead of putting the money into helping the city of Gaza, Hamas put it into missiles to help destroy the Jewish people.”

Cahn says that if government officials have their way, the same thing will happen in America, and it won’t stop with the Jews. Christians will feel the wrath of the enemy, and it won’t stop until he sees the purposes of God in the end times halted.

So, Cahn says, don’t be surprised if violence and bloodshed akin to what has happened in Israel will indeed darken the shores of our beloved America. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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