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Charisma Highlights: Is the Tribulation Coming in 2023?

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Are we entering the tribulation? Is there a false prophet gaining attention in Israel right now? A man called Rav Shlomo Yehuda has been popping up across social media and some are calling him Elijah or the messiah. We are breaking down whether or not prominent rabbi’s are following him around and if he is performing miracles.

In an exclusive Charisma News interview, Pastor Mark Biltz, the founder of El Shaddai Ministries, shared insight into what is going on in Israel and end-times clues to be looking out for.

Although some believe that Shlomo has memorized the entire Torah and Talmud, Biltz is more than skeptical about what’s being spread online. “He’s making a big stir within his own little cult group. Ninety-Nine percent of Israel doesn’t even know him. Christians are passing him around on the media, but that isn’t what Israel believes,” Biltz says.

It has become apparent to all outside of the most loyal of Trump supporters, that the former president is undergoing a season of decline.

The choices he makes during this season may very well determine not only his future, but his legacy as well.

If Trump has any hope of a turnaround from his current situation, he would do well to heed the lessons taught by Israel’s first king, Saul.

Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston, Texas gained notoriety during the COVID pandemic as one of the frontline doctors who said hydroxychloroquine, and later Ivermectin could help patients recover from the virus. At the time, many said they were wrong and they were cancelled by the mainstream media. However, now it seems clear they were right.

Dr. Immanuel is speaking out about the prophetic aspect of what is happening and how it ties in to Revelation. It’s not a happy message, but something you should listen to in my Strang Report podcast. The purpose of our discussion is to help you be prepared.

In 2020, When I heard she was a Pentecostal Christian and a Charisma reader, I invited her on my podcast and we have become friends.

On Oct. 28, 2022, as soon as I entered the Spirit, my Lord met me and eagerly invited me to walk with Him saying, “I have so much to talk with you about, My friend. Turmoil—yes, great turmoil is coming to your land, and it is not initiated by Me, the Prince of Peace. Don’t settle for this turmoil, but fight it and its authors in the Spirit. Yes, lead My troops to put a sudden, severe stop to this disruption—even before it is launched.

“I am letting you know what the enemy is planning; you can put a stop to it because you have My full authority to do just that! Declare, decree, bind, loose and worship, and what he planned will fall dead at his feet! We have loosed Our hosts to work with you and with Our faith-filled warriors. They will quickly implement your prayers, and you will see peace, prosperity and righteousness restored to your land.

“Great days are just on the horizon; launch out in faith, boldness and great determination, and no delays will stop Us from implementing the fullness of Our will: the outpouring of Our glory on the world! Once My glory falls, then you will see the immediate answers to your prayers. Just as you are encountering a foretaste of My glory and seeing your prayers answered, this will happen suddenly—worldwide—in My glory!”

Prophet: Exposing 3 Monsters at Work in Our Society Today

Warning! I want to expose three monsters that are at work in our society, particularly attacking the younger generation—and propose three corresponding solutions.

As I have prayed about these demonic gateways, the Holy Spirit has highlighted the phrase “three specific monsters on the loose” in my heart and in my mind. My words are specifically targeted to the United States, but the influence of these spirits is being seen around the world.

It would also be correct to refer to these three monsters as ancient malevolent spirits. These demonic forces were active in years past but have seemingly gone dormant, only to be reawakened or reactivated, raising their heads as they have come back into full blown activity. {eoa}

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