Jonathan Cahn: The Real Reason the Forces of Hell Want to Destroy Israel

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Shawn Akers

Since the days of Israel’s rebirth in 1948, Jonathan Cahn says, “the forces of hell have been trying to wipe it out. From the day it was declared, they have been trying to wipe it out.”

The United Nations, Cahn says, refuses to condemn countries like China and the former Soviet Union for killing millions of their own people. Yet the U.N. doesn’t hesitate to condemn the “tiny little democracy called Israel more than it has condemned the nations of the world put together.”

Constantly watching the multitudes of rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip by Hamas and with the support of Iran behind it reminded Cahn to turn to the book of Daniel. Scripture reveals this “demonic entity”—the principality of Persia—which in Hebrew is pronounced “Sar Paras.”

“The nation of Persia has not died. It’s still alive, and principalities do not die,” Cahn says in a sermon a month ago , a couple of weeks prior to Hamas’ sudden and malicious recent attack on Israel. “Iran is Persia. … The fury now against Israel, against America by terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah is Islamic. Yet what it reveals—deeper than Islam, deeper than that label, are principalities.

“They don’t care if it’s Islamic or not; they will use anything and everything,” he says. “But take this revelation further. It doesn’t mean just that. There could be organizations, movements, nations, people in the 21st century that maybe consider themselves secular, it doesn’t matter—right-wing, left-wing—but it behind it may be principalities, ancient principalities.

“There are things happening in America right now that are linked to ancient principalities,” he says. “That is for another time, but this is also about that. The revelation that the angel had given to Daniel had to do with the Jewish people in the end times. It is blocked by the principality of Persia, Iran.

“Today, Israel views was its greatest enemy: Iran,” he adds. “That happens to be the same one that is linked to the principality that is trying to stop the revelation of Israel in the last days.”

The prophecy of Israel “coming back” as a nation was fulfilled 75 years ago, but prophecies continued to be fulfilled about Israel’s role in the end times, Cahn says. It’s what prompted the battle over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem earlier this year, and it is what has accelerated the war that is now going on in Israel.

“Israel comes back into the world and it’s as if it reactivated the principalities,” he explains. “The principality is trying to stop the revelation about what’s going on right now with Israel. Iran is behind it.

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“Where did [Hamas] get those missiles from?” Cahn asks. “They got them from Iran, all from Iran. Which, behind Iran is the principality which wants to destroy Israel. Where did all of this conflict begin? On the Temple Mount. Why? It’s for the same reason that Israel itself is the center of conflict and fury. Why? The Jewish people have to battle just to stay alive because of the purposes of God.

“The Bible says the purposes of God come through Israel,” he says. “If you are born again today, it’s because the purpose of God came through Israel. They brought the Word, they brought Messiah so you could be saved. It is foretold that at the end the nation of Israel will come back again—it’s back—and will usher in the purposes of God and the coming of Messiah and the kingdom of God.”

Cahn says the apostle Paul said when that happens—when the Jews come back to God—the “curse itself will be lifted off the creation.”

“How big is that?” Cahn asks. “The enemy is finished, and the knowledge of God will cover the earth. This is big; this is the end game. This is the fulfillment of all the prophecies and purposes of God, and darkness knows it. The enemy doesn’t know everything, but he knows some things. The forces of hell know it, and the principality of Persia knows it. He’s tried to stop the angels from even talking about it.”

It’s a concept that the secular world refuses to wrap its thoughts around and even ridicules, as we have seen in the secular media.

The enemy—the principalities—may be laughing now, but all true Christians know who is the victor in the end. The purposes of God will not be stopped. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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