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We Are In a Galatians 6:9 Moment

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Shelby Bowen

When you look at the state of our world and culture today, it’s as mess. There isn’t any other way to put it. People are divided over any and every topic to the point that churches have been influenced by the culture war. Between wars, rumors of wars, economic troubles and a slew of other alarming issues, it’s almost easier to put blinders on and just focus on your daily tasks.

With that being said, there has been unusual amount of ‘God’ situations happening back to back. Pastor Samuel Rodriguez sat down with Charisma magazine for an interview about what he calls “a synergy of all these elements coming together.”

In recent months we saw a football player collapse on the field and football teams rallying together on national television to pray for healing. Posts circulated across social media with people in all walks of life praying. An ESPN host went viral for stopping a broadcast to pray live on air.

Next, we had a group of students gather for a routine chapel service which led to a nationwide revival with thousands traveling from around the world to experience the presence of God.

Then you have the “Jesus Revolution” movie hitting theaters and blowing the box offices out of the water.

“God is making a miracles out of a mess. We are about to see financial, physical, emotional, relational, geographical, generational, even national, we’re about to see America’s mess, become God’s miracle,” Rodriguez says. In his new book “Your Mess, God’s Miracle” he talks about John 9 where Jesus engages in one of the most controversial methodologies of manifesting a miracle. Spitting on the ground in the dirt and rubbing it on a blind mans eyes.

God literally made a mess and out of that mess a miracle was birthed. Full of zeal, Rodriguez says, “He spits on the ground. Who does that?”

Looking at the mess America is entangled in, it’s clear we are need of a miracle. Thankfully, we serve a God who always shows up at just the right time with the perfect answer to our problems. Surprisingly, Rodriguez has had pushback from a sector of Christians who feel like believing for a miracle is waste of time.

Sadly many people believe because we are in the last days we are wasting our time. It’s going to get darker, and people aren’t going to get saved. I’m sure that’s exactly what people thought during the Black Plague, when the Mayan calendar ended, the Holocaust or when ‘Christian numerologist’ David Meade used the geometry of the pyramids of Giza to calculate the world would end back in 2017.

The world didn’t end, and until Jesus comes back there is always room for more miracles.

“There’s a last day promise that cannot be denied. He said I will definitively pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. This is that my friend. We are hearing reports all around the country, that churches are literally increasing not only back to pre COVID numbers, some of them are exceeding pre-COVID numbers,” Rodriguez says.

God can and will make a miracle out of every single mess. Rodriguez encourages Christians that even a generational mess can be God’s generational miracle. Tune it to the full interview here.

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.

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