Mike Signorelli: New Technology Signals Coming of an Another Awakening

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Shawn Akers

While preparing to produce his new movie, “The Domino Revival,”—which will premiere for one night only on October 24—V1 Church Pastor Mike Signorelli says he and his team wanted to do its diligent homework, especially when it comes to Great Awakenings in America.

What they found was that, for every major or minor spiritual awakening in America, they almost always coincided with a major technological advance. For example, one of this country’s Great Awakenings came connected with institution of the rail system. The country was connected by trains and they could transport both goods and people.

Signorelli says that became the impetus for the gospel to reach places more rapidly.

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He also pointed out when, in 1950, Billy Graham became a recognized radio personality, hosting the Hour of Decision from 1950 to 1954. His first radio program, Songs in the Night, reached a local audience in Chicago, Illinois, beginning in 1944.

“Billy Graham became a symbol of the gospel on radio. So, unless you have radio Billy Graham, you don’t have stadium crusades Billy Graham,” Signorelli says. “So, if you look at it closely, you see that each one of these awakenings, again be it major or minor, that have always been connected to technological advances.”

It’s one of the reasons why, Signorelli says, he and his team made “The Domino Revival”—to show the body of Christ that it is in another “shift,” or what he calls another “awakening.”

This time the catalyst is the Internet.

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“It’s social media. It’s decentralizing and centralizing,” he says. “It’s global and its local. Our movie shows that. You’ve got some of the biggest preachers in America that can’t draw as much as me and my friends do for revival services.

“We’re turning thousands of people away at events and it’s because of the Internet. It’s because people are watching us do the work on video in a way that really didn’t exist previously. You go back 20 or 30 years ago … I was recently at TBN studios and they were really the gatekeepers … But now it’s the Internet. I started my journey by putting my phone to my face and going live on Facebook walking around the streets of New York City. I was reaching more people because I was going viral every week, reaching more people than old school Christian television if you had your own paid segment.”

Signorelli believes that “The Domino Revival” will make it clear to audiences that Christians—especially those who want to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, must be prepared to try new ways of doing that—to be pioneers like those before them or they will fall short of what God really wants them to accomplish in their ministries.

“For those that hold on to the hymnals and to the organs, and to the old school pulpits … they were making that the main issue and they were actually holding themselves back from doing something great for God,” Signorelli says.

This new technology includes artificial intelligence, or AI, which, as many people are discovering, can be used for good or it can be used for the enemy’s purposes. Matthew 10:16 says “…be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

There must be discernment, Signorelli says, and it’s more important than ever that Christians enter into the spiritual realm and put away the things of the flesh.

“The reason I say that is because God creates and Satan counterfeits,” Signorelli says. “Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is fully God. He’s a member of the Trinity. Jesus ascended into heaven and said, ‘Just wait, and I’ll release my promise, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and now the Holy Spirit indwells all believers.

“So, look at who the Holy Spirit is. He is the source of all knowledge. Another Scripture says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. … The Holy Spirit is the source of all knowledge and is able to teach all things to individuals.

“What is AI? Chat GPT and AI are the same thing. It’s a replica. So, it will teach you all things, show you all things. … As it gets better and better, I’m telling you, we’re getting into a dark era where instead of the people being counseled by the Word of God, they’re gonna be counseled by AI. When you think about it, the more AI listens to your phone calls and sees all the content your consume, it will become a counterfeit—a demonic counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. … There are going to be people having full-blown conversations with AI, but treating it as a god,” warns Signorelli.

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Signorelli says this deception is coming, and it’s irrevocable.

“They believe that they [humanists] are essentially a god in the sense that they created all their problems, and they can solve all of their problems,” he says. “And they’re going to elevate technology up to that point of a deity. I think that’s when you will see a lot of Antichrist infrastructure even more.”

Click here for more of this fascinating interview with V1 Church’s Mike Signorelli. And don’t forget to go see “The Domino Revival” in theaters nationwide on October 24. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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